Suzuki Swift Window Switch Passenger Side - 37995-68L00
Window Switch Part Number : 37995-68L00Fits to - Passenger side / NS (RHD vehicles) - Rear driver / passenger side on 5 door vehicles Suzuki Swifts 2011-2017 Vin TSMN
Sold Out
Suzuki USB Port With Cable - 39105-57L10 & 39106-68L00
USB Port & Cable Part Numbers : 39105-57L10 & 39106-68L00To Fit Suzuki Swift 2010-2017 ( VIN TSMN) Suzuki Vitara 2015+ Suzuki SX4 SCross 2014+ Used. Good Condition.
Suzuki Swift Window Regulator - RH / OS / OSF - 83401-71L02
Window Regulator Part number : 83401-71L02 To Fit Suzuki Swifts 2010-2017 (Vin TSMN) 3 door - RH / OS / Driver side 5 door - RH Front / OSF / Driver Front
Suzuki Swift Door Latch - 5DR RHR / OSR - 82301-68LB2
Door Latch For 5 Door Model Rear RH Side / OSR   Part Number: 82301-68LB1 To Fit Suzuki Swift ZC72 / ZC32  2010-2017 (Vin TSMN) RHD
Suzuki Audio Head Unit - Garmin 39920-61MR1
Audio Head Unit Part Number : 39920-61MR1 To Fit Suzuki Swift 2014-2017Suzuki Vitara / SX4  2013 2014 Removed off 2016 Suzuki Swift Sport Fully Working Condition.
$214.00 $194.00
Suzuki Swift Window Switch Passenger Side * 37995-68L00
Suzuki Window Switch To Fit Various Models on Ns  Front and on Some Models on Rear doors. Part Number: 37995-68L00
Sold Out
Suzuki USB & AUX Port * Ignis Swift * 2017-2022
USB & Aux Port To Fit Suzuki Ignis 2017+ Suzuki Swift AZ 2017 + Used in Fully working order.
Suzuki Swift Interior Light With Microphone * 36230-68L20-6GS *
Interior Light With Microphone For Audio To Fit Suzuki Swift 2011-2017 Part number 36230-68L20-6GSUsed in Good Condition.
Suzuki Swift Interior Boot Light * 36210-83E10 *
Interior Boot Light To Fit Suzuki Swift 2011-2017 Used in Good Condition.
Suzuki Swift AZ Wiper Stalk * 2017-2022 *
Wiper Stalk with Intermittent Function To Fit Suzuki Swift AZ 2017-2022 Used in Good Condition.
Suzuki Swift Audio Head Unit Bosch SDLA * 39920-54RA4 *
Audio Head Unit Bosch SDLA To Fit  Suzuki Swift 2017-2022 Unit can be retro fitted to vehicles without touch screen. Will require extra GPS antenna and SD MAP card to GPS Navigation to work correctly. We offer Fitting as well....
$268.00 $263.00
Suzuki LH Steering Wheel Switch Pack * 37460-68L30 *
LH side Steering Wheel Switch Pack With Silver Surrounding To Fit Suzuki Swift Sport ZC32S 2011-2017 Suzuki Vitara 2015+ Used in Good Condition.

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